We are inviting visitors from around the world to come and experience the Dutch mobility system. The Netherlands is a country with many good practices for transport including sustainable mobility modes, like cycling and walking. The Dutch cycle on a daily basis and combine this in a safe manner with the use of public transport, cars and walking. Neighbourhood streets are safe and often suitable for playing.

Sharing our successes, failures and latest innovations, we seek to help stakeholders from communities endeavouring to become more people friendly. Visitors can take the lessons learned in The Netherlands over 40 years of building infrastructure inclusive of bicycles and use that knowledge to propel bicycle integration forward more quickly.

The Study Tours have been designed for those who are keen to learn from the mobility expertise of the Dutch, such as planners, engineers, designers, business people, politicians and advocates.     

Study tours allow visitors to :

  1. Understand mobility in the Netherlands through immersion
  2. Learn about infrastructure and public policies in the Netherlands
  3. Get ideas for solutions that fit with their local context and apply the experiences to develop specific policies at home

Study Tours and Field Trips

We offer standard Study Tours (3 days) and standard Field Trips (4 hours) on different themes and for different types of professionals. Tours can also be customised to meet visitor needs. Themes will be explored through presentations, tours on bike and foot and assignments. The cities and towns visited include cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Delft and Houten.

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