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As a multidisciplinary consultancy, we approach training from a broad range of disciplines allowing us to meet a diverse range of expectations. Our international guides offer tours geared to your needs. 


Angela van der Kloof – Sustainable Mobility Consultant

"Study tours are a great opportunity to create synergy between people's physical and mental movement. This stimulates actionable steps and innovation." 

Angela focuses on the intersection of ‘movement’ and ‘people.’ She works on projects at the local, national and international level and specialises in sustainable mobility and behavioural change, advising clients in the fields of cycling and electric bicycling, travel plans, the use of public transport and traffic safety. In her work, she creates a synergy between people’s physical movement and their mental movement. Challenging people to do things that they are not used to or to do things differently. With a background in human geography and education, including adult learning, Angela is an experienced speaker, trainer and facilitator of meetings and workshops.

Dick van Veen – Senior Consultant/Designer

“Designing streets is not about cars, cyclists and pedestrians. It is about designing for people. Drivers and cyclists are people, so let us think about humanizing traffic.”

Educated as both a traffic engineer and a town planner at Delft Technical University, Dick seamlessly integrates both perspectives into his designs and street schemes. In the Netherlands and abroad, he redesigns streets, cycle routes and squares for local municipalities. In the interaction between car users, cyclists and pedestrians, Dick always puts the most vulnerable users first. This placemaking approach often leads to unexpected possibilities and successes.


Meredith Glaser – Urban Strategist

Meredith is originally from California and finished a Master’s in Public Health and Master’s in Urban Planning at UC Berkeley in 2010, where her research and training focused on the intersection of health and planning: policies and initiatives promoting sustainable and active transportation. She moved to The Netherlands in 2010 and quickly found a role as an urban strategist at boutique urban strategy and innovation firm, STIPO, based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. She also collaborates with Copenhagenize Design Co.

On the weekends, Meredith obsessively takes photos of cyclists in Amsterdam and regularly blogs for Amsterdam Cycle Chic, a photo blog about cycling in Amsterdam, and hosts international guests for cycling tours of the world’s premier cycling city (Amsterdam).

Irene Janssens

"If you want a study tour, conference or seminar groomed to perfection, leave it to me."

To keep a project running smoothly, there is no better team member than Irene. As a project assistant, she is capable of managing detailed work while always keeping the big picture in mind. Irene is assertive in making the judgement calls necessary to the overall success of a project. She is experienced in marketing and event planning. 

Since joining Mobycon in 2008, she has applied her excellent communication and administrative skills to a wide range of projects from organizing international conferences to arranging business trips. Irene was trained in secretarial work and has previous experience in the field of advertising.


Lars Matthijssen - Traffic engineer

Lars is a traffic engineer with a passion for coherent and integral road designs. Having worked at a number of municipalities, Lars combines expertise in traffic engineering with in-depth knowledge about the day-to- day problems city employees face. He is expert at handling every step of the design process from blank tracing paper down to the final street paver.


Quentin Dumont-Freixo - Sustainable Mobility Consultant

“Transportation is not just about moving people from A to B. It is about understanding them to offer the most viable options, every day.” 

Quentin believes that the best solutions to our mobility challenges are inspired by users. As a transport planner at Mobycon, he aims at reaching an equilibrium between society, the environment and health. In his work, he assists in the analysis and development of transportation networks for European and international projects by producing optimally tailored solutions for mobility and accessibility challenges.

Originally from France, Quentin decided to study in Canada where he earned a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from McGill University, with a concentration in environmental engineering and a focus on transportation planning, simulation and design. Upon completion of his studies, Quentin wanted to experience cycling in the Netherlands both from his bike and through his work.


Lennart Nout - Urban mobility consultant

"My mission is to help cities get the most out of their streets. Streets are public spaces, their most valuable asset and they deserve to be designed as such.

Lennart is an urban mobility specialist who joined Mobycon in April 2016. He has over five years of experience in urban design, transport and land-use planning in both New Zealand and The Netherlands. 

He specializes in planning and design of bicycle networks and infrastructure in urban areas. Prior to joining Mobycon, he worked as a consultant in New Zealand, where he was involved in a wide range of projects involving bicycle network design, bicycle safety projects, street design, integrated transport planning, parking management, strategic mobility plans and public transport projects.


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