Customised Tours

Visitors travelling to The Netherlands with a specific agenda in mind, should get in touch directly. We offer tailor-made programs in which we work with you to select the topics, cities, guides, training style and timetable. For this type of tour, we ask visitors to come with a group. Depending on the programme desired, the number of visitors required will vary. We can also arrange tours with a broader European scope. We have a broad network of partners across the continent and regularly organise tours for Dutch clients to other European countries.

Planning a tour

You may want to learn a little more about what our country and our company can offer. Here are some suggestions to help you get started if you are considering a customised tour:

  1. One advantage of touring The Netherlands is that our country is quite small so it is possible to visit multiple locations relatively easily.
  2. Check out the potential topics below. We can provide tours on a diverse range of topics, because Mobycon is a multi-disciplinary company providing consulting and research in the areas of traffic, transportation and mobility.
  3. Learn what others have done on their tours by visiting the "References" page for photos, schedules and feedback from past visitors.
  4. Fill in our survey to help grasping your interest(s).

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