Our Vision

We wish to facilitate sustainable means of transportation worldwide as a modern, efficient and convenient way to move around. As the world’s number one cycling country and the world's third safest country in terms of traffic safety, we take pride in sharing cycling expertise and innovations.

Training style

A study tour is an opportunity to see people-friendly spaces in action. All participants can learn in their own manner. Our study tour guides facilitate interaction between the participants, the speakers and the environment.

There is a balanced mix of fieldwork, observation, lectures, case studies, meetings, question and answer sessions and discussions. Based on the needs of the group, we will prepare specific assignments, individual work, group work and interaction.


We are an independent research and consulting company with more than 25 years of experience working in The Netherlands. We provide services and products related to managing traffic, all modes of transportation and mobility. By integrating transportation systems, we are working to create healthy and livable communities prepared for the future.  Visit our website for more information.


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E-mail : info@mobycon.nl

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