Standard Study Tours

Based on our experience leading study tours, we have developed four packages covering topics of great interest to visitors.

> Bicycle 360 Study Tour

Join us for The Study 360 Cycling Tour in-which you will experience cycling in a country where cyclists are treated as full-fledged road users, while at the sametime Their vulnerability is taken into account. This is an opportunity for city planners, traffic engineers , economic development officials, city council members and others.

> Shared Space Inspiration Tour

Shared space is an innovative and sometimes controversial concept in road design and place making. World wide the concept is more and more viewed '' as the new way of designing roads for people. This tour takes you back to the birthplace of the design philosophy, the Dutch province of Friesland. It provides city planners, traffic engineers development officials, city councils and other members indepth knowledge of how thesis schemes work, what benefits are within reach and what stage shouldering be avoided.

> Traffic calming

> Cycling promotion and education


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